Fake Rice or NOT? A Video Goes Viral Claiming He Bought Fake Rice, How to Distinguish Fake One!


Recently, there were videos going viral in a social media. The videos posted is regarding rice they bought which seems to be a fake rice.


A Video of Rafael Furo Franco

Fake rice po panoorin nyo baka kayo naman ang mabiktima ingat kayo mga kababayan

Posted by Rafael Furo Franco on Thursday, June 15, 2017


As what they shown in the video, after they cooked the rice, they get some amount of it and molded it with their hand forming a circular shape.

As the cooked rice were molded, they threw it into the ground, it bounces and they said the rice they bought was a fake.

I tried what they did to the cooked rice, well, it also bounced but our rice wasn’t fake, I’m sure of it because it actually came direct from our rice farm and it is totally a 100% NOT fake.

If you’re doubting that the rice you bought or eat was fake, you may try burning it, not molding it and throwing it on the ground.

When you try burning a piece of rice, it will smell burnt rice. It smell like “Tutong”, my favorite part of cooked rice. Don’t worry if it burn and produce fire, that’s natural.


You may also try these kind of tests to distinguish fake rice:

The Water Test

Take a glass of water, put a tablespoon of rice inside and stir. If the rice float, well it’s a plastic rice, because rice doesn’t float on water. Rice is solid and composed of 68% water.


The Fire Test

Take some rice and burn it. Smell it and you can distinguish if it smell plastic.


Hot Oil Test

Take some rice and drop them into very hot oil. If it’s plastic rice, it will melt and stick together.


The Mold Test

Try taking some cooked rice and place it in a bottle for some days, if it molds, it’s NOT fake, if it doesn’t mold of SPOIL, that’s a fake rice! Plastic does not spoil.


Artificial rice is another thing. It can be compounded and shaped from other starchy plants like potato with minerals, sugars and assorted other nutrients added. Bona fide artificial rice would not contain any non-food or harmful ingredients, and may not be labeled as natural rice for international trade.


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A Video from 2015 ABS-CBN News