Eat Cardava Bananas Everyday and Get These Health Benefits You Need

Banana is one of our favorite fruits to eat and we even use it in making fruit shakes every time you want smoothies at home with family and friends to **** the summer heat. Eating bananas is convenient because it’s handy and affordable for as low as Php60.00 you may have 1 kilo of bananas.

Moreover, one of the types of bananas which is Cardava or Saging Na Saba in Filipino language is healthier when it’s not cooked. According to World Health Guide, when you eat cooked cardava bananas you will only get the minimum amount of its nutrients, it’s advisable to eat it fresh and uncooked to get all the vitamins it features.

Furthermore, here are the health benefits you will get every time you eat cardava bananas:

1. It helps to regulate your body circulatory system Cardava bananas or saging na saba is rich in potassium, it helps to provide oxygen to your brain as well as to maintain the regular and normal heartbeat. This banana is also known to prevent sudden strokes and regulates your blood pressure.

2. It is the ultimate source of minerals and natural energy
Next to rice that gives us the natural energy that our body need to have everyday, when you’re feeling drain or exhausted after a day full of activities. Eating 2 cardava bananas is enough to regain the body energy you need, there’s no need to drink coffee anymore every morning.

3. It eliminates hangover: For party people who cannot spend a night without drinking ********* beverages and need to eliminate hangover on the next day to come at work, fresh cardava bananas will absolutely reduce the effect of your hangover.

4. Helps you to quit bad habits: Getting tired of thinking on how you can quit smoking for years? this banana reduces and eradicate slowly the nicotine in your body due to its B6 vitamins. Not just that, it also reduce menstrual **** for women.

5. It treats ulcer: Acidity problem? worry no more as cardava bananas helps you to eradicate the irritation from your digestive system and after that leaving it with a protective coat on the inner walls of your digestive system.

If you are convinced by the health benefits and the power of Cardava bananas, start now and share the good news with your family and friends.