Children Flew to Kuwait and Made a Heartbreaking Visit to their Executed Mother’s *****


When you are working overseas, it is followed by huge courage and sacrifices, you need to endure as much as you can even it pains you so much.

Leaving your family itself is a very difficult test to face, what more if you’re unfortunate with your journey to ensure the future of your children. Many was saddened with what happened to our fellow citizen in Kuwait who faced a life and ***** trial.

Year 2010, our fellow Filipino OFW Jakatia Pawa was convicted of ****** and was sentenced to ***** by the highest court in the Middle East emirate, Kuwait’s Court of Cassation.

Last October 2016 was the last time Hadisza Pawa and Amenchadrha Pawa saw their mother while she’s in ******. Sadly, Jakatia was executed January 25, 2017.

Jakatia was given a proper burial by Kuwait religious clergies in accordance with Islamic rites and tradition at Sulaibikhat Cemetery and her children was granted educational and livelihood assistance as per OWWA Board Resolution No. 003 Series of 2017 and awarded a one-time return ticket to Kuwait to visit the ***** of their mother.


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They were assisted as they arrived and travelled in Kuwait and they also met Philippine embassy and POLO officials and several Filipino community Leaders in Kuwait the following day.


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Hadisza and Amenchadrha then proceeded to Sulaibikhat Cemetery and as they walked slowly towards their mother’s *****, they were very somber.


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“Jakatia is still a huge part of her children’s everyday life and always will be. It was tragic that she isn’t here anymore to see her children go to college, get a job or get married”, says Satria Pawa, the wife of Col. Angaris Pawa who was also present during the visit.

It will be rough for Pawa children to start the year 2017 but OWWA director and OWWA in general will no doubt extending assistance and help them cope with the untimely ***** of their mother.


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Our PRAYERS and sympathy for the soul of Jakatia and those who are affected for her untimely *****.


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