By Posting Breathtaking Travel Photos in Instagram, This Couple Makes 6-Figure Salary


This couple is able to earn while on their travel adventures with the help of instagram. Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris both love travelling and they are perfect for each other.

As they travel the world, they are reported to earn six figure salary by promoting different brands on Instagram.

They have sum of over three million followers on instagram due to their stunning photos. Most of the photos are in a beach while relaxing, in a breathtaking view of the ocean, or sharing meals.

They have been in Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Morocco, England, Thailand, Spain and more. They started their romantic travel since 2016 and one instagram post would earn them 9,000 US dollars.



Jack started his adventure when he was 21 years old, from Manchester to United Kingdom, and Bangkok where the fun started. He bought one way ticket to Bangkok. While Bullen is also travelling in Australia, her hometown, where she took beautiful photos.



Jack is originally from England and worked as a carpet cleaner for five years. According to Jack, they often ***** photos an hour before sunrise.



They met in Fiji, Oceana while on the job dated March 2016 wherein Jack shared his blog “Do You Travel” the moment they met. They shared a lot and got along so well.



Bullen has also her own blog “Gypsea Lust” and she is also a self-taught photographer.

Some of the companies including AirBnB, Royal Carribean Cruises, Disney, Air NZ, NRMA insurance approached the couple.

Since then, the have become inseparable while in Fiji and they have been together ever since.




Source: EliteReaders

Photos credits to: doyoutravel/Instagram