A Teenager was Found **** While Sleeping with Earphone On and Cellphone is Attached in Power Bank


A teenager was found **** inside his room this past Friday morning by his mother. This sorrowful event happened in Malaysia.

The victim was identified as Syamirul Armizie Adenan, a 19 year old son and unemployed.

Mother of Syamirul Armizie Adenan was not getting any response from her son so she used the spare key to unlock her son’s room to wake him up 7 in the morning.

Her mother, a 48 years old nurse, found her son whose asleep motionless at his room in their house at Taman Merbok, Bukit Baru.

The victim is currently wearing earphones in both ears connected in a mobile phone which was plugged to a power bank, charging. The report is according to State ******** Investigation Department chief Kamaluddin Kassim.

When Syamirul’s mother found him not responding and motionless, she quickly report the incident at Bukit Baru Police Station.

Kamaluddin also reported that there are burn marks on the boy’s left shoulder wherein the power bank was placed.

Syamirul’s body has been sent to Melaka Hospital for a post-mortem and his case was currently classified as sudden *****.

Everyone must avoid placing cellphone near beside you while charging it and earphones attached. There is a chance that you might be electrocuted and give you a horrifying result like what happened to this GIRL.



Sources:  New Straits TimeKicker Daily

Photo by New Straits Time via Stock