A Maid Wants To Go Home So She Poisoned Her Employer’s Nagging Mother-In-Law

Toh Sew Keok, a 65-year-old woman residing in Singapore was poisoned by a Myanmar maid due to her nagging.

According to the maid named Mya Thet Wai, she wants to go home so she does it. She can’t endure the nagging anymore so she put Dettol to the old woman’s drink.

The woman told the Singapore court that one morning she prepared a cereal drink for herself and put it safely in the kitchen and she even put a lid on it.

She fed her granddaughter in another room and then she comes back to drink but then the moment she puts it in her mouth, she spits it.

She knew there was something wrong and fortunately, the CCTV in the house revealed what was the maid done. The incident sent her to Singapore ******.

Source: MSN