A Macho Marine Before is Now a Gorgeous Blonde Woman!


If you search Sona Avedian over the internet, you would absolutely have no idea that she actually a former US Marine that served six combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

She lived as Matthew Avedian most of her life but now, she is happy as Sona Avedian.

According to her, she realized that her gender does not conform the body she was born with when she was only four years old.

Sona have a conservative family and growing up as Matthew is a struggle and is kept as his secret.

“I was seven when my mom caught me cross-dressing. Devastated and ashamed, it turned into my deepest, darkest secret for 23 years,” Sona said in an interview.


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She did her best to be a typical boy and man to suppress her real identity. She also got married and became a father to an adorable baby girl.


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Matthew was a handsome young US marine and served combat tours. Being a US marine, she put on a lot of weight and muscle. She was a man at 238 pounds.

But in 2012, Sona decided to no longer live as Matthew. She told her wife about it and they got ******** in year 2013 but they still remain friends for their daughter.

She underwent hormone replacement and how she look after 15 months changed. Later on, she also underwent surgeries.

Nowadays, with her complete transformation, this is what she said:

“Personally, I’m much happier, I don’t have any conflicts with who I am.”


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She and her daughter also have a great relationship and she was five years old now.

“My daughter and I are awesome, she adores being around me. She only remembers me as a woman and I love how we interact, we are so much alike.”


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