A Hero Mother Did Her Very Best to Saved His 4-Year-Old Son Even It Cost Her Life!


Recently while Brandy Mosley, her son and her relatives was in Crystal Beach Texas, her 4-year-old toddler lost his foot and was struggling in waves about 25 feet from the shore.

The child was actually playing at the edge of the water when it happened, he’s actually wearing a water wings but a wave came in and swept him out into the gulf.

Brandy Mosley, a 33-year-old Palestine, immediately rushed in after seeing her toddler struggling in waves far away from the shore.



Mosley was able to pull her son out of water over to a relative but the moments later, she vanished from the view.

Rescuers searched for her the rest of the day and through the night by helicopter and boat since she went missing around 2pm.



She was found around 6:30am 2 miles from the spot where she was last seen alive. She was discovered near Gulfport Village in Crystal Beach matching her description.

Mosley was an owner of B’s Hive of Therapy Day Spa and Salon in Palestine and her relatives took to Facebook asking for prayers before the discovery of her body was announced.

Her 4-year-old toddler survived from the danger but unfortunately, Mosley did everything she got to save her son even it cost her life.

Mosley’s life will never be in vain. Her love from her son is beyond incomparable.

Every mom’s love is really amazing, they always give their best for their children and can risk everything for them.

Let’s pray for Mosley’s soul. Thanks and Salute for every mom out there!



Source: Snejana Farberov For Dailymail.com / Dailymail