5 Alarming Signs Women Need To Make Love

Are you confused on what’s happening to your body and why do you sudden feel incomplete without a valid reason? Lack of ****** activity with your husband is worrisome and therefore here are the five alarming signs that women need to make love with their husband.

You are ********* from acne

Little did you know that the progesterone that is being produced when you are making love with your husband helps you to eradicate the acne in your face? Not only that, your breasts and thighs are being challenged and become stronger.

You look older than your age

If a woman is no longer active in ****** contact with husband, there is a tendency that your youthful skin will be saggy, and thus you will look older than your real age, simply because you are losing the collagen that your skin needs to be able to make it smoother and silkier. Collagens are being produced when you are enjoying making love.


Losing the interest to ****** activity can also cause you to have insomnia, ****** activity is one of the natural ways of inducing sleep. Therefore, a woman without ****** contact cannot sleep on time and keep on spinning on the bed just to get sleep after hours.

You become less sociable

A woman without an intimacy relationship tends to be afraid and tense when interacting with other people; lacking endorphins can really affect your perspective

Low self-esteem

To feel unsatisfied to yourself it also affects your self-esteem, lack of ****** activity cause you to feel unwanted.

If you noticed that these signs are occurring as of the moment, it’s better to talk to your husband and make time for each other.

Source: Philhealth Tips